straw hat

we each took turns wearing the straw hat...

and that's all she wrote.

ok, not really! we've been enjoying sunny days trying to get out in between chores and the stupid laundry. having 4 kids may not be that hard but the damn laundry is! i should be doing about 2 loads a day, but i don't. heck, if all those clothes were clean i'm not sure we'd have room to put them all away! sorry, i know you didn't come here to read about my laundry woes but doing dishes and washing clothes is a major part of my life. at least i gave you some cute pictures to look at instead of piles of dirty clothes and baskets of clean, folded clothes that have yet to be put away. 

all laundry aside, today is my mama's birthday so i will be celebrating with her tonight! now that is something i do enjoy doing! happy birthday to you ma!


  1. I only have two children and I can't cope with the washing so I have no idea where you even start!

    1. One load at a time baby! And I think putting it away is the worst part. Oh well! It's life :)

  2. Having four children is not that hard? Can I quote you on that? I feel like dishes and laundry for two is enough to keep my busy at least a day week. I can't imagine six. You're my hero.

    1. Ok, no. You can't quote me on that! :) that was perhaps a slight under exaggeration! But seriously, the laundry!!!!!

  3. how funny, we must be on the same page - I just snagged a bunch of hats for the motorhome because all our old ones got ruined by sitting out in damp weather last year.

    And laundry. Don't even get me started....

  4. Your photos are so lovely <3


  5. That hat looks great on each and every one of you! I can't decide upon whom I like it best!

    And GAH, with the laundry! I only have three to your four, but it gets outrageous around here, especially in the spring and summer when they are getting muddy and wet every two hours! I actually did the unthinkable this week and bought new socks for Milo because he and Oliver had completely run out of clean ones and I can no longer fit his 5 1/2-year-old foot into a baby sock if need be!

  6. i could never tell who wore it best...you are all too dang cute! FOR REALS! happy birthday to your mama and have a great celebration together...it's good to sprinkle a lot of fun in amongst laundry loads :)


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