no, i am not the storyteller. well, not the storyteller i'm speaking of in the title of this post. the two i am speaking of are in a league of their own. read on...
this last week i was fortunate enough to attend not one but two AMAZING shows. first up was arlo guthrie at a small intimate theater in irvine. he is touring in celebration of his father, woody guthrie's 100th birthday and boy was it awesome! he is an incredible storyteller and so worth seeing live. jessica and i knew that he is well known for staying and chatting with fans after shows, so she came equipped with her Alice's Restaurant album (i stupidly forgot mine at home :/ ) and we were determined to get an autograph. we walked up to the cd/tshirt table and asked the ladies if he would be coming out and they said no. i had seen the tour bus when we walked in so i told jessica we should go stand outside it and wait. we did, and totally felt like groupies, and guess what? we got our autographs! it was such a rad night!

next up was nick cave and the bad seeds in san diego on tuesday with ruben and our friend shawn. anything i write will fall short. it was SO DAMN GOOD! maybe the best concert i've ever been to. definitely in the top three. we had seen him in '08 at the hollywood bowl and i'm sad to say that i was disappointed BUT this show...this show was everything i'd hoped that '08 show had been. mind blowing. that's all i can say.

i also saw nicky and she says hi :D  we had fun watching her christmas tree burn in the fire pit. it's a tradition.

did you do anything fun over the past week? any exciting plans for the weekend? do tell!



  1. I love you two in your denim digs. Glad you got autographs and Nick Cave exceeded your expectations.

  2. I've missed you. Glad you've been having a blast. Sounds like such fun! Autographs! Hanging out at the tour bus! Nick Cave (remind me to tell you my Nick Cave story sometime)!
    It's such a bummer when you wait for a concert and it doesn't live up to your expectations, but when it does, oh man. The. Best. Sometimes I feel like things I wait and pine for often don't and things I just stumble upon do. This weekend we're going to another Island to see a reggae show and hang out with friends and take a little brake. C of course needs one more than I do. I just had a couple, right ;)
    And Nicky! Hi Nicky! I can't wait to see you again!

  3. Gosh, I've never really got into Nick Cave, but considering your excellent musical taste, I guess I oughta give him another try. I'm glad he did not disappoint this time. I do, however, like Arlo Guthrie. Any kin of Woody Guthrie is worth listening to, if you ask me. Sounds like you had yourself an awesome time.

    Tonight, I'm taking my niece to see "Billy Elliott, the musical", at Segerstrom Center. I hope it's as good as the movie. Then I'll be celebrating my birthday with friends at Micelli's in Hollywood for dinner. Sunday, I'll be working Veterans Flea Market in Long Beach - You should stop by if you're not too busy this weekend! I'm in space E-437.

  4. i love arlo! i had a HUGE crush on him (woodstock era him) when i was like, 8 or 9. i was pretty bummed to discover that the boy i thought was cute was older than my dad.

  5. Ok, I wrote a post :D Not officially back, but thanks for saying hi for me! And I'm stoked you had two fun concerts lately- revitalizes the soul!!! I like this shot of us :D


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