a sunny afternoon

saturday we headed up to LA for a house warming party at my friend ellen's house. she lives on an adorable palm tree lined street in an amazing 1920's spanish style house. it was all so awesome that i hardly got any pictures :( not one of her, her babies or home. oh well, sometimes you just have enjoy your day and not worry about capturing all details, right? i did manage to get a few shots out in her backyard though. my friend vanessa was there as well. she, ellen and i are high school friends and it was great to hang out together again!
isn't marianne's shirt adorable?! it was given to her by mary who received it from milla. thanks gals! it was the talk of the party :D

did you have a nice weekend? i sure hope so! it felt like summer here!



  1. The kiddos & you and Vanessa look so cute! It's nice to see Vanessa; she is still a beaming beauty.

  2. That shirt is cute. I found something similar for myself at a thrift store last summer. I think you're right about just enjoying your day sometimes and not worrying too much about documenting it.

  3. hahaha! best lil dump-shirt ever (carefully washed and frozen ;) you guys are so cute! I hope to get to hang with my high school pals soon too.


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