oh the things they say

oh shane! he has been quite a little man lately. his vocabulary is expanding with new words and unique pronunciations. all my children have had their own special way of saying things especially around the ages of 3 and 4. shane is no exception, his little language has become everyday words for us. here are some of my favorites-

bootchinyada- yes, this one is completely made up and none of us are sure what it means. he uses it as an adjective and an exclamation, it's pretty funny.

nye one- nice one

waawoo- water. he doesn't say this any more but it's a classic.

eemee- ice cream 

chart- fart. while fart is one of my least favorite words and one never even use, i'm pretty fond of chart! 

idea- this is what he called a nintendo DS which has now morphed into I-D-S.

shool- school. i love this, it reminds me of how Will Ferrell pronounces it in Megamind. 

ok, now you tell me some of your kid's cute pronunciations and words.

*photo taken by my daughter Alex.



  1. So cute- I love kid-speak too. At only two, my guy is just starting this phase but he's already grown out of some if my favorites. I miss them when they go :)

    xox Lilly

  2. My now 8 yr old used to call the Goodwill "Big Will" when he was even 4!He still calls Walmart.. Wolmart. Ryan my 11 year old had some good ones too, my 2 year old calls the Kindle Fire a candle, this past summer he was really into mustangs, but it sounded like "moose eggs" it was hilarious...he is on a roll lately with new sayings too, its one of the highlights of my day sometimes.

  3. OH I forgot that both of my older boys were calling a cell phone a "cellaphone" all last year haha

  4. leon still calls Old Navy "old lady" :)

    1. hehe! oh leon, how are you so cute?!


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