oh deer!!!

thursday afternoon i had the pleasure of coming home to a delightful package from shannon! we had started putting together goodies for each other nearly 6 months ago and finally got them out last week and let me tell ya, it was worth the wait! my beautiful box was filled with fun on the outside and boy was the inside a treasure trove of awesomeness!
as i type i am wearing the sweater and blouse from the package. i just have to say one more time, thank you so much shannon! what a beautiful gift from a beautiful gal! once again blogging has brought a kindred spirit into my life :D

i'm nearly done with my mixtape! very excited :D and i just want to say that i REALLY want to hear what songs are on all of yours, so we MUST figure out a way to share.



  1. wow, that package is so you.

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  3. YAY! Wanted to add how great my end was too! This was a winter swap...we definitely need a summer version too :)After all the "where did you get this Anne", and "where did you get that" haha You deserved it. DO some outfit posts :)

  4. wow, amazing stuff Shannon! I think it all suits anne perfectly. and that deer sweater is too darn cute.

  5. Oh wow, this is a completely awesome gift package! I love the aesthetic of it all, and it looks like some really cool finds!

  6. What an amazing package, full of wonderful items, love love that sweater!


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