a snow day

yesterday we had the pleasure of visiting my sister. it was a beautiful, crisp, snowy day! during our break between visits we headed outside for some fun in the snow. the sisters let us borrow their sled and the kids had a ton of fun riding down the steep driveway. there were birds to watch, animals to pet and a snowball fight which inevitably ended with tears. and i'm very happy to say that after almost 8 years in the convent i can say without a doubt that my sister is truly happy! i'm so proud of her perseverance. it's just goes to show that with any vocation in life, if you stick it out through the tough times you are sure to enjoy the good times.
did you notice adorable "orange cat" in the first picture? well, my sister has been trying to convince my mom to take him for some time. apparently the other cats reject him and he is often found in the chapel trying to get warm and looking for some love. one look at him and mom decided to take him. i think he'll be happy with her and i know my sister is relieved to have found him a home.
and no day is complete without some crying! 
i know you are wondering about the cutest red jacket in world right? well, it came all the way from ireland to keep marianne warm this winter. thank you so much elizabeth for passing it on to us! it kept your little lady snugly and now it is doing the same for mine :D



  1. These pictures are killing me with their snowy goodness! I miss snow so much. I'm happy to hear your sister has found her bliss. I'm always so curious to hear more about her life, to be honest (and as you may well know already) so I love it when you post about your visits. Marianne's coat is the best. Little Red Riding.

  2. SO good to hear your sister is happy! I'm with Milla about feeling intrigued by your sister's life. And Marianne's new coat is possibly the best thing I've ever seen. Way to go Elizabeth! I wish we could have met that girl in person.

    We will be taking Fern up to see snow within the month. She keeps talking about, so we know it's prime time. Glad you got your snow on...even while living in So Cal! xo

  3. so pretty! And Marianne in that coat! Oh sweet thing. I think if I show leon his heart might explode :)

  4. You read my mind! That coat is fantastic! She looks like Little Red Riding Hood in that first photo.

    I love that you guys all got to enjoy the snow. One of my favorite parts of winter...

  5. So true about the sticking out tough times to see the good. There's so much reward in that perseverance... and I'm super excited for your sister and for your peace of mind knowing she's happy. It must be crazy hard to not have her to call up on the phone or go hang out with, but she is doing something so selfless and admirable that it makes up for the missing part!
    These snow shots are amazing, and the Sisters have a sled??? What do they do when no one is around? I could picture em all riding down the hill tandem, yelling and whooping :D hehe


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