sunset stroll

these are from a couple weeks ago when we spent the weekend in san clemente. i love walking out on piers, you really get a glimpse of how expansive the ocean really is. and nothing beats being there at sunset!

 i hope your december is off to a good start! things are pretty mellow here but as christmas draws nearer i know they will get busier. i try to not get caught up in buy, buy, buy frenzy. it's hard but having a very limited budget certainly helps. i think i'll forgo presents this year and just give everyone a warm hug! love is all you need right? haha can you imagine the look on my kids faces if they woke christmas morning to no presents and a loving embrace? for some reason i don't think that would go over very well :D



  1. ha!ha!ha! Oh Anne, lovely, I DARE you to give only hugs. Almost every year of my life my dad tells us about how he got an orange for christmas, a handmade slingshot and school shorts that his mother made. I crave that simplicity for my kids now, but haven't done much to introduce them to it. Anyway....I love love love your photos! x

  2. anne, what lovely pictures you made.. :) oh, it looks like it was such an awesome day... yeah, the present thing gets harder every year.... i bet the kids would have wide open mouths, if you told them that.., about no gifts... haha


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