sister sweaters

hi there, oh you've been wondering what i have been wearing for the last 2 1/2 weeks straight? go ahead and scroll down to see my current uniform.
sweater, silk top, backpack-thrifted
jeans-forever 21 (they were $10. you can't really beat that price!)
clogs-gift from mary
scarf-gift from my mom from a recent trip to paris
and as if one perfect sweater isn't enough, i found her twin on wednesday while thrifting for my etsy shop! it's exactly the same except it's grey. and yes, i am going to be a greedy goose and keep them both.
have you had any super scores thrifting lately?



  1. You always find the BEST thrift sweaters! This one's another. Love the color & texture.

    Also, I live in the forever 21 10 buck jeans. Seriously. I have one pair I wear weekly, for the past three years. They're the best!

    I have a similar uniform lately. Maybe if I get brave I'll post it :)

    AND, hair is looking Great!

  2. Cute! You look adorable. Those sweaters remind me of junior high, I feel like I had that creamier one then. Were they in fashion here in the 90s ?

    And like Jessica, I have a little confession to make...my only good skinnies are also f 21. They were 7 bucks at a thrift store in Portland and one of my favorite scores.

    I haven't been thrifting in forever, but last time I went, I got a white lace top that's my current favorite. Man, I miss thrifting, but I. Have. So. Many. Clothes.

  3. Those are magnificent looking sweaters! Very cute outfit. I love the very casual, laid back and cozy feel it puts off. :]


  4. Those clogs and sweaters are so cute on you! And your black backpack reminds me I just thrifted a little brown backpack not long ago, I was going to sell it on, but now...........I'm kind of getting attached to it. your hair looks beautiful Anne.

  5. Looks good! And your hair looks soooooo good!

  6. Looks good! And your hair looks soooooo good!

  7. What a cute outfit! Looks very comfy!

  8. I've been on a thrifting roll lately! Jeans, cords, sweaters (one uber cozy one not so dissimilar to yours :D), shoes, long skirts, books, blankets - you name it! It has been an unbelievable few weeks of win :)

  9. those sweaters are great, anne. the texture of them looks so nice.. :) that scarf that your mom gave you is beautiful and the backpack is nice. oh, anne, some of my email messages are not going through. i don't know if yours went through or not, so, if you will, send me your mailing address, so i can put you on my christmas card list. :)

  10. I love the combination of the textured sweater and the silk top. Haha, there happens to now be a ton of pictures of you in that sweater up on my blog. It really is super cute. I can't believe you found the gray version, SCORE. Shades of brown and gray are my favorite cardigan colors.

    Well, I've been getting lots of wear out of that little jean jacket you saw me in at Mary's, that was a recent thrift find along with the two vintage 70's tee shirts.

    Oh, and cool backpack by the way.

  11. those sweaters are super yummy. i love the one you were living in when you were here. and hooray for finding it's twin! my current uniform consists of one of two twin sweaters from target...but being from target, they are getting pilly, fast.

    you do cozy well. :)

  12. yeah yeah love it! i was visiting my mama in sacramento and she and i went thrifting. i scored three tops, a dress, and a skirt for $20!!


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