vegas baby

this past weekend my mom, nicky and i went to las vegas to see neil diamond. that's right, neil diamond. my mom got me tickets for my birthday and let me tell ya, it was a great show! he played all the hits and even this song which i was delighted to hear live. we were there for one night (which is the perfect amount of time to be in vegas as far as i'm concerned) and we packed in as much fun, sun, drinks and laughs as we could. thank you so much ma, it was a blast!
this next picture is my favorite. yes, that's nicky and i lying as flat as we could while driving through vegas in the back of my mom's cousin's truck. you know this is illegal right? maybe that's why it was so fun :D i have not laughed as hard as i did that night in a long time.
on the way home we saw a huge fire and listened to the top 30 hits from labor day 1990 on XM radio. i think this song was highlight. wait, maybe it was this one or this one. man, 1990 ruled! i'm actually embarrassed that i just linked those songs to my blog, but hey, trying to keep real people. and i'm not going to pretend that i didn't sing along to them all. i did. still know every word.

how was your labor day?



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  2. anne, Neil Diamond!! Wow!! How amazing.. I can tell from the pictures that it was a blast. :) fun, fun.. Riding in the pickup looks too fun. :) That was so precious of your mom to do that for the three of you.. Ya'll will always have such sweet memories of that night. The pictures are so good. I love the big smiles.. The pic of Nicky in the window is really cool. It has such a 60's vibe to it. So happy for you all to get a great opportunity like that.. :) janet

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  4. Oh man that sounds like the perfect labour day weekend, man your mom is a really cool lady!
    I am quite jealous you guys got to see Neil Diamond. Thank your for the handy tunes as well!
    I shall have a listen and travel back a bit in time :)

    -Ginela Gonzalez


  5. Lucky! Love solitary man. And all the others. I always imagine he would walk out on stage as cool and as suave as on the last waltz.. Wearing an amazing suit & sunglasses... I'm sure it wasn't quite like that but he is still the man

  6. Wow great pictures looks like a good road trip and sounds like a fantastic concert!! good memories ~Love Heather

  7. Looks like fun! Enjoy your trip. =)


  8. okay, i am not usually a fan of vegas but you guys do it RIGHT!!! the back of the pick up, straight down the strip? that is seriously badass. our friend scott was just talking about how he saw neil diamond and it was so amazing. and please come be my dj anyday of the week!

  9. looks like a blast. vegas usually is.

    love the shot of elvis.

  10. yeah. I'm with Heather. I have never in my life wanted to ever visit Vegas. Until now. You girls are the best. I wish I could share your every adventure. And hey! Thanks to the internets I CAN!

  11. Haha! Maybe we should set up a blogger meet up in VEGAS one day! Maybe when we're old ladies and can take advantage of all the senior discounts ;) This seriously looks like so much fun fun fun!!! I'm glad you ladies had such a blast and that first pic of you in front of the Vegas sign is oh so classic :)

  12. HAHAHAHA! So glad you were a bit naughty! Bet you giggled your butts off. I would've. Last girls night I had was last year for a concert, when we got back to our unit the whole place was locked up. We had to scale a gate to get in, and my short friend got stuck on the top of the gate. I almost pee-ed myself laughing. Hooray for friends! xoxo

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