birthday dress

 dress, belt, bracelet-c/o goodwill
hahaha! i'm funny! and laughing right now! if you haven't read this post by milla, then pop on over and check it out :D you'll get my joke and enjoy her wonderfully thought provoking post.
this year's birthday turned out to be quite a wonderful one! on the actual day i got some thrifting in and scored several really great tops and a few things for my shop. the dress in the photos was one i was initially going to sell but after i tried it on i liked it. it's much more colorful than what i typically wear but maybe that's what i needed, something fun and vibrant.

i really got spoiled this year with amazingly thoughtful gifts and well wishes from friends and family. i'm at a loss for words to explain how appreciative i am, not only for the gifts but more importantly for the people in my life near and far. you all made my day! 

and guess what? yesterday the mailman brought a box full of goodies to my doorstep from our sweet friend missa! so expect to be seeing some awesomeness very soon! 

oh yeah, the middle picture- "i whip my hair back and forth!" have you seen this? if not, watch it. the whole thing. because bruce dressed up as himself from the 70's is just too rad! and any time i whip my hair i sing that song. and now you should too!



  1. Hahaha! Good one, Anne. Good one. That is a perfect birthday dress. Glad to hear you had a wonderful day AND that those goodies made it to their destination :D

  2. you are cute. very, very cute.

  3. Beautiful post! =)


  4. i love that dress! great color on you.

  5. happy Birthday sweetness! sorry i missed it, away from blogger land i've been! Hope it was special. And the photo of you whipping your hair is actually rad.

  6. BEST outfit! you are one heck of a raving beauty, and happy late birthday!

  7. Bibrant suits you well- cute dress!!! I'm just hanging on to your gift so I can prolong your bday :D hehe- it's a comin'

  8. a very happy belated birthday to you!! i hope it was resplendent. and that you took more pictures of you in that dress.

    also, your story with ruben is similar to ours? do tell!

  9. I don't own any red, and am always weary of "vibrant" - but this dress is perfect. especially for a summer birthday!

    can't wait for sat!


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