red dirt girl

i spent last week among the red rocks and earth of sedona, az. with the kids and my mom. not the same red dirt emmylou speaks of in red dirt girl, but it reminded me of the song none the less. this city is truly magical and it's not hard to see why the native americans consider it sacred.
we saw all the sights- cathedral rock, bell rock, chapel of the holy cross...we went star gazing and saw saturn, the moon, exploded stars, nebulae, the milky way and constellations. we drove through and walked around the awesome oak creek canyon where my two older children played together like the old days. we visited montezuma castle which was incredible. we drove to the old mining town of jerome, which was one of my favorite parts of the trip. we swam, went horseback riding and overall had a wonderful time! i'm so grateful to have spent quality time with my mom and the children in such a glorious place!



  1. Beautiful pictures I think I may need to take a trip to AZ !!! What a fantastic vacation love Heather

  2. WOW your four kids together...they are so incredibly beautiful. it looks so fun, all of it. we spent some time in sedona on our fall road trip in 2010, i remember that's around when i read you were pregnant with marianne and i felt so happy and i remember thinking how cute it was that you'd have four kids. and now i get to see these glorious photos of all of them, and you and your lovely mama, together! that chapel is so amazing, huh, and now i want to go back so i can check out both jerome and montezuma castle. i love the southwest so so much. and how perfect to be reading TTW during your wanderings, as you probably know, she makes my heart soar. much love and blessings to you sweet friend.

  3. what great photos! I'm hoping to head out that way sometime this summer. I love Jerome too!

  4. You captured Arizona's splendor so well! Such a gorgeous place :D I love the kids out eating ice cream in front of the 66 signs. And is that pile of skulls where you got yours?? That was a crazy pile!!!

  5. !!!!! AND I AM JEALOUS. I've wanted to go visit puebloan ruins since I was a teenager when I went through my cultural anthropology and history obsession phase, and the puebloan culture was one of my bigger passions at the time (still kind of is). It's so great your kids got to see all that stuff! Sounds like a really fantastic trip.

  6. Your photos are beautiful! You really manage to create an atmosphere.

  7. in the most literal sense...HOLY CROW. and then my next thought is YUM. full all over body yumminess, the heat, the smell of the desert, the sky, the color. that pic of your son below the rock dwelling is a once in a lifetime shot. and i love the way you captured the light in the first photo. now i've got a hungry ache for some south west, but maybe all i need to do is re-read this post a few more times.

    also, you are a desert flower in that purple dress against clean bones. xo

  8. so gorgeous. I love road trip photos and these are some of the best. Love that first one most, I think. And what a nice week to spend with your family in such an incredible surroundings.

  9. These are lovely photos! It sounds like such a special place to have a family adventure.


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