a teeny meet up






monday, nicky and i had the pleasure of meeting up with teeny from teeny and yet not teeny at all...! she and her sweet family are here on vacation all the way from new zealand! they were passing through the area so we met at beautiful crescent bay in laguna beach for some fun in the sun. the water at this beach is so incredible and so unlike most beaches in southern california. we spent quite a while exploring on the rocks and checking out the sea life at the tide pools. we sat on the beach and chatted about parenting, blogging, the cultural differences of our homelands and much more. i thoroughly enjoyed her company and her serene spirit and was shown yet again that these friendships we've made through the internet are indeed authentic. i only wish we could have spent more time together, but am so thankful she made the effort to meet up with us. i can't wait to hear about the rest of her trip. she'll be meeting up with some more of you lovely ladies as she and her family work their way north. happy and safe travels teeny!


happy solstice to all! 


  1. aww! cute pictures! you three ladies are so lovely!

  2. oh yay!!! it is so fun to see teeny's adorable face here on our shores! you women look awesome together. i can't wait to see her. and the kids are so rambunctious and cute together, roaming over the rocks and shore. what a gorgeous day you all spent.

  3. Thats amazing that you all have met! It's incredible how more often than not, some really great friendships can be met online! It looks like a gorgeous place where you visited. My boyfriend and I met online, and we're still going strong one year and a half now :). I am only 18, but as I grow older I am noticing just how important family is, that may sound redundant, but some people realize that later on in life. Im working to repair mine and give them all as much love as I can spare :) Cheers to you and your lovely family and may you meet many more families! And thank you for stopping by my blog!

  4. Hey sweet lady! I love the photos you chose, that photo of Nicky and the trail of kids really summed up the ambience of the meetup for me. It was such a relaxed and easy going affair; love how the babes end up getting along just fine. I could've sat and yakked to you girlses for much longer, if only we didn't have to get back onto our journey. Thanks for posting this, I'll keep it in my heart. We only have our tablet, and no card reader so it'll be awhile before i get to post again unfortunately. xo

  5. Awesome! So fun to see you all together and that big band of roving kids! Gorgeous ladies on a gorgeous beach, that water is amazing. Totally looking forward to my turn to hang out with Miss Teeny!

  6. I'm so so so bummed I can't be their to meet Teeny, BUT so so so happy you gals can all pal around in the sun. Thank goodness for the vicarious pleasures of the internets. Keep 'em posts coming ladies.

  7. Fun, fun, fun! I loved meeting Teeny, hanging out at my favorite beach, drivin' with you (always good laughs in the car), and getting out for a bit. I have so much blog-catching-up to do. I think I'll just refer them to your blog :D hehe


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