here and now


 today i-
---planted my mother's day herbs
---thrifted a fun, oh so familiar poncho,  woven wall hanging and wire basket
---brought home some geodes from nana's (that was actually last week)
---added to my ever growing collection of house plants

what did you do today?



  1. Wow I actually gasped when I saw the poncho! What a beautiful piece. You found some great things...I have spent the day working on painting the outside of my house. I was hoping to beat summer and get it done before it got to hot but the temp today was over 100 at my house :O I think summer has arrived ~Enjoy your new treasures ~Love Heather

  2. i did some thrifting and yardwork too! beautiful cape, wow! and i reeeealllly need to work on getting some more greenery in this dusty old book-filled house of mine!

  3. I had my eldest boy home with a headcold today.....we went out thrifting too! Him, a book...me a skirt and some linen. We also sat at a cafe and ate cake....and then just before picking up lil miss from a playdate we took the dog for a bushwalk!

  4. Girl, you and Missa's house plant craze is really rubbing off on me! I love macrame plant hangers. Love 'em. Also this groovy poncho is awesome and looked oddly familiar ;)
    Hope all is well in your world and stress isn't getting your beautiful self down. Much love.

  5. Haha, as if you found ANOTHER of those ponchos! I love it when multiples of something awesome crop up... I actually have two of the same All That Jazz dresses, same size and all, and so I plan on shortening one. I wish I weren't bad with plants, because I love greenery, but between my lack of green thumb and my cat's loooove of chomping on plant life, it's not meant to be.

  6. lovely little corners of your world. thank you for sharing!


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