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today i spent the day at my friend kelly's house. i suppose one might think that i hang out with other mama's all the time, considering i have 4 children, but the truth is that i don't. so, being with her and our friend emily today was quite enjoyable! i realized how much i need the support of other moms and how encouraging it is to be around like minded ladies. we spoke of whole foods, fermentation, our faith and of course children. as you can see kelly has all sorts of cool things happening at her house. actually, her land is pretty much my dream, she really has it all! chickens, ducks, a veggie garden, open space, big trees and best of all her husband brews delicious beer! cheers to that!



  1. What a beautiful looking day! Sometimes I'm quite happy to mother on my ownsome, and then other times I'm so overjoyed to have found likeminded mamas to toil the day away with. Glad you had a good day, I bet most of the time you're just really busy.

  2. wow, your friend is definitely living the life! i think you and i have a lot of similarities in our "dream". the pics are wonderful, the ducks made me smile. and you're right...i was totally projecting this fantasy that you must be surrounded by mamas just like you. i don't have much mama company either, so when i get it, it certainly is a tall glass of water.

    and hey...whatcha fermintin? let's talk lacto! xo

  3. What a perfect day! Your friend's land looks and sounds incredible. I wish you lived closer so we could be real life mama friends :)

  4. Ducks! I loved going places like that as a kid.


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