vintage clothes for babe

i have been collecting vintage clothes for marianne since i was pregnant. below are SOME of the amazing things i've bought over the last year and a half. i think she's going to look pretty stylish when she can fit into them, don't you?!

baby moccasin collection.
from left-
BOUMY-gift from granny
red Minnetonka's-gift from our friends
cute embroidered pair-gift from my wonderful aunt and uncle
blue Minnetonka's- scored at the goodwill
*the wee windmill dress and pink ruffle overall's were gifts from nicky


  1. So sweet! I love the little embroidered cardigan in the first pic, and that bee poncho, amazing! Not to mention, I'm a wee bit jealous of Marianne's awesome mocc collection ;)

  2. oh my goodness, WHAT a collection! so many cute things, i'm dying...especially now that i'm having a girl :) :) :) i LOVE how you arranged things by color and style, and each category just as darling as the one before. can't wait to see her sporting some of these and looking deliciously stylish and divine. i was just going through my own stuff....i have collected some cute vintage stuff for girls over the years. marianne's moc collection is the BEST! some friends just gave me one little handmade pair without fringe, they are very sweet...that will get my little one started!

  3. I can't wait to see her in these- she's like a lil dolly :D Love all those embroidered goodies at the top and that yellow poncho?? Yum!

  4. the yellow dress is my favorite!


  5. so sweet - and the shoes (in all sizes) very cute. She is ready for some good times, come toddlerhood, indeed!

  6. What great finds! I am such a sucker for vintage overalls. So, so cute!


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