cuttin' bangs

i'm dying to change my hair... call it the post baby hair blues. i would never chop it all off like so many new mothers do, but i would definitely cut my bangs. and probably will today.
above are my inspiration photos. i'll keep you posted :D


photos- 1 hannah,2 courtney b
rooke,3 molly,4 jane birkin,5 anita pallenberg


  1. i say go for it, dear! i love mine--they're like a permanent accessory for a while:)

  2. Awesome! I love you in bangs- can't wait to see which ones you pick :D

  3. exciting! I want a hair cut too. Call it boredom, or what you will....I want one.

  4. I cut my own bangs a couple weeks ago too. Not sure how I feel about them still. Better luck with yours.

    I actually LOVE the whole anita p. cut. That's always been my fav style but my hair is too wild & wavy to pull it off :/

    happy hair cutting.

  5. I guess it's just a time for bangs! I cut mine just before Christmas. I used to have them as a kid, and I'm still getting used to them being in my eyes a lot, but I dig 'em! They'll look awesome on you.


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