staghorn ferns

when i was a kid, my great aunt and uncle had a staghorn fern. i always thought it was such a cool plant. so different from anything i'd ever seen. over the years my feelings haven't changed and i'm currently on a hunt for an affordable one. i can't wait to have one of these prehistoric looking babies on my wall!



  1. what a cool plant! somehow i have never heard of these before.

  2. They are super cool, almost animal like! I just got the raddest macrame book from my mama. Wanna have a girls craft day and try and make something? :D

  3. I love ferns, and I've been looking for for some houseplants to liven up our little pad. This one for sure would be a candidate. My favorite is this one though: http://herselfshoustongarden.com/images/2007/08/asparagus-fern.jpg

  4. I've been wanting to add more houseplants to my world lately too and these are super duper cool!

  5. I got a stag horn this spring. It loves being in my morning sun window. Recently it developed a roundish, veiny leaf. I thought it was a volunteer but when I went back to the store, I saw a stag horn that was more mature that had the horn leaves and the round leaves. How cool is that.


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