bioregional swap

several months back, the very sweet mary, of terrallactualism, put together a wonderful bioregional swap. i was partnered up with the lovely missa of thrift candy.

last friday i came home to a box full of goodies waiting for me. as you can imagine, i was quite excited to find out what amazing things this box would hold. and let me tell ya, i was MORE than stoked when i opened it up!

she included a wide variety of fantastic items- reversible wrap skirt and adorable apron, handmade god's eye and driftwood art with beautiful feathers from her hens, delicious homemade grape jam(not pictured. we already ate most of it!) and fig spread, bay leaves from her tree, lip balm and body butter, a sweet little dress for marianne (perfect to wear on her 1st birthday) and an adorable print (pictured below), vintage stickers, our lady of guadalupe tile, vintage copy of jack london's the valley of the moon, california poppies and last but not least, synchronicity spray ( she will find out when she gets her package that the spray was already in effect before i even recieved it! so yes missa, it does work :D).

thank you so much missa! i hope you enjoy your package as much as i absolutely adore mine!

♥ anne


  1. Oh how beautiful.. Its such a wonderful way to reach out across the ways and hills and oceans with kindred kindness. I loved seeing this and can just imagine the joy it brought, having had such a lovely package from Milla not so long ago: )
    Such an array of gorgeousness xx E

  2. Lucky girl! I think that list of what a child needs applies to adults as well.

  3. I love the "what a child needs" list! I agree that everyone needs those things... maybe not hornets so much. It's sad how many children don't climb trees anymore:( That package is beautiful, though! I think I'll do one someday...:)

  4. that is a seriously amazing pacakge. missa kicks so much ass.

  5. every item is so artistically arranged - shows how much thought and consideration Missa put into cultivating your little treasure package. Every bit of it is totally amazing, and SO you. That dress is beyond adorable. So sweet, such gems.

  6. Ha! "missa kicks so much ass." That is my quote of the day. Thanks Brigit ;)

    No really, when I came across the synchronicity spray, it just seemed so perfect for a package like this because it's true, there are always such wonderful synchronicities that pop up EVERY TIME. It's one of the elements that makes these swaps so darn fun and even a wee bit magical.

    I love it when a package just comes together in a way that seems perfect for the person you have in mind and yours definitely felt like that, so I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it :)

    Can't wait to uncover the synchronicities when I get mine!

  7. so cool, dear! this is really great.


  8. amazing! So cool to do this project! Although, I'm a hoarder so I'm not sure if I would be willing to let so much go! :P
    Glad you got such interesting pieces,they look like they have stories!

  9. missa kicks all kindsa butt that's for sure! I love it. Her packages are always thoughtful and beautiful and elegant, but this one really takes the cake. so much love. I'm sure little M. will have all those things and so much more. I love the bioreginal swap. These posts just make me smile and smile.

  10. Oh, this is beautiful and after following you for a while now, is all so 'you', Anne. Missa is a sweetheart, isn't she. Love the swap idea and Luther's words.


    p.s. Josie has arrived!

  11. Lucky duck! Those items are gorgeous- can't wait to see Marianne toddling around in that lil' white dress. I'm still in the dark about the synchronicity spray though?! The skirt is awesome and I love that she used her hens feathers for that piece! This does seem like a perfect Anne package :D


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