the conversation went something like this-
me(yelling across the park)- shane! what is in your hand?
shane- a snake!
me- come here and show me!

park 003
park 004
turns out an earthworm looks like a snake to a little fella who is three.


ps- the cute little girls are my friend emily's daughters :D


  1. i wish i could see the small parts of our world with fascinated eyes like that. thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh how I would have loved to be in the company of those three!!! Over the top adorable:)

  3. Haha..lovely..so a mini snake then :)

  4. Haha aww. Wonder what would happen if he found an actual snake? I used to stuff earthworms in my pockets as a kid, my mom learned the hard way to check all my pockets after throwing a jacket in the wash that had pockets full of dried worms in them eww.

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  6. cute photos. I miss the childhood wonder of playing with insects. As an adult, it's just not the same. I'd love for you to come visit if you make your way out to Vet's Stadium. My space # is D-558.

  7. OH what a face of discovery your son has, and those little girl's dresses are gorgeous.

    YAY for EFT- Its amazing!!!!!! I think its been a real life changer for me, I love it. Its the kind of healing tool I dreamed of. I did a course in it over three residential weekends a couple of years ago and it had the most profound effect on me.
    I wouldn't say its widely known here, of course my teacher, who uses it all the time in her practice. But people are getting to know it. When I say eft here, I either get, " is that something to do with money transfers, or english language teaching, OR that weird tapping thing".
    Once in a while, like you, I get, "Yes, thats amazing"

    Its about time I wrote a post about it, it could take me a while, I have a lot to say about it.

    Be well me dear x E

  8. that first photo and the accompanying conversation is the cutest thing ever! (and emily's daughters' dresses are adorable!)

    happy weekend! xo

  9. haha, sweet lil shane. How cute are his gal pals too??? :D love it

  10. Well, it is a lot bigger for him than it is for us. What an awesome little snake tamer you got there.


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