neko case at the hollywood bowl

bowl 006c

bowl 008c

bowl 007c
a couple weeks ago we went to see neko case at the hollywood bowl. she was as incredible as i thought she would be! tears and goosebumps people. and if you were wondering...yes, a person can have goosebumps for 45 minutes straight :D

there were lots of fun pictures from this night. nicky, erick and her brother were with us and we all had a blast. but...if i shared them i'd have re-title this post "stay at home mom gone wild"! hahaha. someone (me) overindulged a bit. a guess that's what happens when you don't go out much.

we're moving this friday, so wish us luck. can't wait! new home, new beginnings! feeling positive folks.

♥ anne


  1. Oh what better way to celebrate a new beginning than at the Hollywood Bowl!! You and your BEAUTIFUL family deserve all that is good to come your way. Look forward to the update. Sending some LOVE your way, xo

  2. dude the thought of that just makes me do a little dance inside!!! glad you got to celebrate, see neko case, and be with friends all in one perfect night. good luck with the move and congrats!

  3. Sounds like a great time, and hey, you have to let loose every one in a while, right? ;)

    Hope your move goes well and that you get settled in and comfy soon!

  4. Ha! Every mama should be entitled to a wild night out every once in a while ;) Sounds like it was awesome. She has such a gorgeous voice, I would imagine her to be amazing live.

    Best of luck with the move!!!

  5. Anne, it has been a dream of mine to see her ever since I started listening to her in high school. I saw her this summer at Pitchfork here in Chicago, and I had the same reaction-- tears and goosebumps. It's amazing when someone sounds just like her recording! Love your blog. Anna

  6. Glad you had a great night out, beautiful mumma. Good luck with the move xx

  7. You guys are too cute! Sounds like a magical night out. It always delights me to see couples have fun together even after children and responsibilities of every day life. It gives me great hope for the future. I'm so happy you two seem to get in a bit of fun between the everyday challenges and different kinds of fun of parenting.

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