this is the reality people

as much as i'd like to wish and pretend that things are always perfect, clean and peaceful here on my end of blogland, the truth is they're not. over the weekend jessica and i were discussing how most people don't really show the everyday, boring, un-"lovely", tiring side of their lives- the dirty dishes, kids fighting/crying, messy rooms... you get the idea. well, here it is. enjoy.

we have at least ten boxes of books and no bookcase. hopefully that will be remedied soon.

remnants of homework and breakfast. isn't this inspiring!?

this blurry picture of shane is perfect. not only is he in a constant state of motion and activity, but he practically smothers marianne with kisses, hugs and almost headbutts her at any given moment of the day. i know she's smiling here, but don't be fooled. less than a minute later she was in a full blown cry.

tomatoes that WILL be jarred today! if not, we run the risk of a full blown fruit fly invasion.

there you have it! a peek into my morning. a little different than your usual pictures of beautiful scenery and inviting cups of coffee, wouldn't ya say!? now i must go to attend to a very tired baby, change a poopy diaper, do six loads of laundry and continue to unpack. is it 5 o'clock yet???

♥ anne

p.s.- i'm assuming you all know this was for fun and done with a smile on my face. i hope it brought one to yours as well. i'm not complaining. rather, i'm showing you a very realistic side of my life.


  1. I love this! I too have been feeling guilty about only posting about the closer to perfect parts of my life and have been wanting to do something similar, in fact, I started a new feature earlier today where I and others will post our confessions :) should be relieving!

  2. HAhahahaha Anne. I concur! We just got back from a long weekend trip and I could post all of my cheery holiday pics....(which i will some of) or the twenty million loads of washing i have to do and tired, grumpy, snitchy, whingey kids. Argh. but it's life isn't it. Although honestly, this morning i was thinking to myself, what kind of wierdo (me) chooses to clean up after people for a living. unpaid.

  3. Absolutely perfect! And... well put

  4. This was such a funn post! I think most poeple try to show the unrealistic side of things and its refreshing to see the reality of people's lives. and know you aren't alone! :)

    fun post!

  5. awwww, the whirlwind and poopy diapers and dirty dishes and crying baby and empty milk jug all even seem cute to me when they come from you :) this is a great reminder to let what really matters shine...family, love, coziness, home...with all its real, messy, loud, obnoxious, wonderful little details!

  6. YES! After our conversation, I was so tempted to do the exact same thing - shake things up on blogland, SO happy you actually did. Reality is breath of fresh air ain't it? It really is tiring, after awhile, to see all these tidy, creative, love sick mothers pouring every ounce of sentiment into their kids (yes, we all love them dearly) but sometimes it is damn hard, and frustrating, and messy beyond belief. Funny we all put forth so much effort to ignore the fact of it. I say we start "Reality Mondays" - and bare all the ugly chaos involved in the start of the week :)

    In other notes: I can't wait to see the new place, I had a great time hanging with you & the fam, and I am still completely jealous of your bull painting.

    thanks for the "inspiration"!

  7. Rad. Yeah, I should probably do one of these posts too. Way to tell it like it is mama! Getting excited to send you your package, soon, very soon!

  8. Anne, this totally made my day. I'm working up to this post and I gotta say, I do love your floorboards and family space, even while in chaos. I get so depressed by the state of our rental that I actively see how much 'beauty' I can create/photograph as a personal challenge/means of escape. But then, I read a fab post like yours and think , 'Yeah, letting it all hang out is pretty damn refreshing'.



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