not much to say

So close and yet so far away
And all the things I'd hoped to say
Will have to go unsaid today
Perhaps until tomorrow
- townes van zandt
♥ anne


  1. i LOVE this...i love townes....and you are exactly the kind of mama i always wanted to be! long skirt, mermaid hair, and an adorable squirmy baby at the hip. mmmmmmm, sweet sweet life.

  2. Lovely mama with her pretty little wee one :) You look wonderful, and your girl is gorgeous. Hope all is well for you! Much love from Canada :)

  3. looking beautiful and totally at ease with motherhood Anne. I looked like a complete mess when my babes were wee. Kudos to you!

  4. Sweet little Peanut! This is a cool shot of just the daily living! Your Budweiser pants are stinkin hilarious!!!!! hahahah Mustered up the strength to add new items, I see :D I'm sitting in a heap of clothes, tags, and plastic bags! Opening the shop tomorrow!

  5. What more do you need to say?!! Nothing more amazing than beautiful mama and baby, summer days and loving ways...A picture does speak about a thousand words.

  6. I know the feeling well ;) You are crazy beautiful mama!


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