my mom and i went to visit my sister yesterday and she got to meet marianne! it was a beautiful, peaceful day... hope you enjoy the pictures.

teh 003c

teh 004c

teh 012c
teh 007c

i've never seen a dandilion seed this enormous, it was as big as my hand!
teh 010c
teh 013c
teh 005c
teh 016c



  1. cute little baby <3 i love these pictures! and wonderful they got to meet!

  2. Marianne is so big!! Your sister looks so happy to be holding her.
    I like your photos a lot, you have a good eye for shapes and perspective.

  3. wowser! That is an impressive dandelion. love the photos & your baby is just darling.

  4. wow! that dandelion is crazy! how fun it must have been to see your sister. if you don't mind me asking, why does your sister have to be behind an gate? is it because of her status or is that how all the sisters do it in that order? your sister looks like such a lovely person, it must be wonderful see her do such an amazing thing but also very hard to have her be so far from your life sometimes.

  5. Yes, I'm loving your photos Anne, they have great feeling in them. Marianne is gorgeousness itself.

  6. Aww sweet baby girl. Bet your sister was stoked to meet her new niece!!! I've seen one of those wacky wish flowers out off the 15 fwy while ranger riding with my mama- couldn't believe how stinkin' big it was (Do they count for extra wishes?) Your sign pictures are fantastic too! :D

  7. Aw, I'm glad your baby girl got to meet her aunt, that's so wonderful. Your sister looks so happy. And that is one big honking seed fluff, holy crow.

  8. Such a great photo story! I love the pic of your sister and Marianne and the baby calf is so cute!

  9. what beautiful photos. I want to go there.

  10. Look at your beautiful girl with her Aunty. So glad they got to meet and loving the rest of your images x


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