so ugly it's cute

this here is my new sweater vest. cute yet ugly all at once!

i've been living in these leggings. at this point i'm only concerned with comfort, at least as far as pants are concerned. i'm feeling quite large and very ready to have this baby. i still have two months to go, which seems like a year. i think with each baby your pregnancies should get shorter. so, seeing as this number four, i should have been able to give birth already :D
i love this necklace. i got it a couple years ago in a bag of jewelry i bought at an antique store.
i tied my hair in a side pony with my trusty little piece of suede. so far i've used it as a belt, a headband and now a hair tie. a very versatile piece indeed!

i hope all is well with everyone.
thanks for sharing your temperaments with me! i enjoyed reading your results and encourage you to take the test if you haven't already.

i guess that's it for now.

♥ anne


  1. Not ugly, just cute. It's a sweater vest, they're the best! The whole combo is awesome and I love the suede string, that's all one really needs, right?

    As a non-mom one of the things I love about pregnant ladies is just those beautiful bumps. Perhaps this will change once I (hopefully) know the discomfort first hand, but right now ladies with child just strike so balanced and glowing and comfortingly round. So thanks for indulging me ;)

    I look forward to getting my temperament too, once I have minute.

    Lots of love

  2. i love the sweater. i love the side ponytail with the suede tie. totally stealing that idea. and you look like a ripe peach! what a gorgeous pregnant lady you are. i hope you don't have to wait terribly long for that baby to come out. both my kids were two weeks late and it was pretty brutal towards the end.
    oh! and that necklace is really great. i love random jewelry like that.

  3. I have a few pieces like that as well! You look at the item and thing "my goodness, that's quite awful" and you put it on and it grows and grows on you! Crazy! You look very cute!

  4. or...so cute you make it BEAUTIFUL! seriously you're looking lovely and that little piece of suede is quite inspiring me. i am glad you're getting comfy and settling in for these last two months. can't wait to "meet" baby! i forget if you found out if it's a boy or girl? i feel like i would remember so maybe you are waiting for a surprise or just not disclosing here, either way it will surely be a darling. also that necklace rocks. i am always looking for good pendants and never quite finding one while thrifting.

    the temps were so fun. i find myself thinking about what everyone i know or meet might be. it's kinda tricky sometimes!

  5. I love your outfit!!! And yes, I totally agree on shortening those pregnancies up a bit! But that baby belly is SO sweet; I loved the fact that they go everywhere with you and you can just reach down and feel those tiny feet swishing around in there!
    Remember that Fiji dress I scored for a buck??...I called that the same thing- so ugly it's cute http://thestitchylife.blogspot.com/2010/06/fiji.html but your vest seems far from that! LOVE your leather tie, and that necklace reminds me of the sweet child's book Ferdinand :D Nice seeing you the other day even though I felt like I was in a sleepy coma for most of the day! :( Your little stitched up cowboy shirt gift was EXTREMELY cute!!! Happy Monday!

  6. Seriously Anne, you are one of those gals who could make a sack look great. Your outfit is super cute. Love the pendant too x

    ps I'm having a little giveaway over at mine - come on over :)


  7. Oh that necklace is absolutely stunning!

  8. I love your necklace, especially cause I'm a Taurus. the suede ponytail holder is a nice touch.

  9. I thought you looked great in the outfit, totally comfy with your wonderful baby belly. Vivian loved your necklace (she loves shiny things) :D

    So glad I got to visit with you for a bit on Sunday. I'm going to get started on something for that sweet baby. Take care!

  10. SEE, you always have the best necklaces!!! And I'm pretty sure nothing looks ugly if it's on you, ever. I love the vest.

    Thanks again for that awesome stitched shirt. I LOVE it. Hope you guys had a good time and that Shane wasn't too hyped out after all the sugar :/

  11. I think that when you're pregnant your fashion can go big without overhwelming your body. You could be rocking a big furry purple vest right now and totally rock it.

    I know you're feeling big now, and it can be SO hard to be preggers ever single day (don't you wish you could just have a day off now and then?).
    You look awesome and full of life. Also, incredibly fashionable. I wore a lot of PJ bottoms when I was pregnant and they just didn't do anything for my look ;)


  12. oh, i think the vest is very cute. no ugly there. i love the necklace, and i think the vest will look awesome next winter without the belly, too (maybe belted over a skirt with boots?). you look lovely, as always!

    i know what you mean about successive pregnancies, and i've only done it twice :)

  13. Oh, I'm thinking Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face meets Maude in the absolute best of ways!!! Love this outfit, and that bull pendant is just perfect, calling to mind the inner and outer strength that pregnancy enables a woman to summon within herself.


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