some things i'd be willin' to do today...
hang out with friends

spend the night in this baby

have some tea

go on a roadtrip on the back of a motorcycleHalf a life time ago

frolick in the snow

take a drive

go thrifting

hang out in this saloon with a big froathy beer in my handCowboy bar

ok. so obviously i can't do most of these things today. for one shane is sick and i've been in the house ALL week. no really, i have and i'm dying to get the hell outta here! secondly, i'm pregnant. so no motorcycle ridin' or hanging out in a saloon drinking delicious beers. i can have tea though and take a drive, both of which i plan on doing. take a listen to this rad song, my inspiration for this post.

haha no "weed, whites or wine" for me. i read lowell george wrote this song for the mothers of invention but frank zappa didn't like because of the drug references. thank goodness he recorded later because this song is amazing!

what are you willin' to do today?

♥ anne

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  1. Oh Anne, I am in the same boat as you. Stuck inside with sick babies. These pictures are so dreamy, and seriously helped brighten my day - making me imagine how great summer and sunshine will be. Plenty of time for teepees and tea. I love the pretty thrifter and the handsome boy on the bike. I'm not one for motorcycles but for him I might make an exception :)

    Hope little Shane feels better soon. xo

  2. My first thought when I came across the motorcycle was, not right now! :D

    Hope Shane feels better soon and you get some time out of the house.

  3. I recently shared this cabin fever insanity, so I feel your pain. At least you're able to accomplish a few on the list.

    wish you the best!

  4. Wait... I was "willing" to come play tonight!!! You didn't answer your phone!?!?!?! waaaaaa!!!! I was helping Mimi and Baba fix up a condo nearby your house! Missed ya- and sorry to hear about lil' Shaners! We've all got that icky sinus thing right now! See you tomorrow night for some sweet fiddle!!! YESSSS!

    (PS, dreamy and lovely photos- LET'S GO!!!!)

  5. This all looks like so much fun! Considering the fact that it's a little bit after midnight, I think I'm just about willin' to go to bed, haha. Hope your poor little fella feels better soon and you get to have some fun in the sun :)

  6. love all these pictures they make me want to be far away from rainy england !
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

  7. those pictures are so lovely. i wish i could hop in that first one. good times. todays friday so i will be dancing around. weeee.
    peace & love!

  8. haha that guy looks eager to take someone for a ride on the back of his motorcycle!

    I am going on a road trip with friends out to a small independent community which is having their republic day today. it will be like a village fete! cant wait :)

    oh and no I dont use my thermos'. I'm a little apprehensive as I dont know what they were used for before i bought them.

  9. Well, I am thoroughly enchanted with your 'willin list' I'm gonna think on it and do one of me own......

    Super sorry to hear the wee one is sick :( I know how tending a sick kid and being stuck on their clock can make you nuts. My son has a slight ear infection that makes him cranky and unable to sleep soundly unless I am in the bed. It's nice to be needed and I love being a Mama, but man. I'd like to have a beer with you in the hypothetical land of Willin.

  10. I'd be willin' to hang out with you in the sun drinking tea and chatting away. But instead I'll be sending you some love and energy and hoping that your lil' one feels better soon. Oh and sending you some package-love.

  11. I love the pictures! Especially the one with the snow! Ah I wish the snow would come back to Germany!

  12. sounds perfect. : )
    yah for little feat!!!

  13. the photos, the wishes, the song....i am so with you.
    i hope everyone is back to healthy and you've had the chance to break out!

  14. Hello there lovely Anne!

    I never thanked you for your sweet comment on my last post. I appreciate it so very much! I just got back from a little road trip with my sis and I also started classes last week so I am a busy bee and never got to comment back, but I just want to thank you. My soul loves to know there are faithful darlins as great and kind and beauteous and ramblin' as you out there in the world, and that you are my new FRIEND!!! :)

    And of course, once agane, I love ever'thing you say on this post. The song, the photes, the daily dream......

    Bright stars and magic blessings!

  15. i go could for a tee-pee, hot chocolate, fleece blankets, and my pups.


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