at the pumpkin patch

On Sunday I got to do something I've wanted to do forever... go to the pumpkin patch! Every year I intend to to take the kids but, for some reason or another it never happens. It was as fun as I imagined it be.

We ate lunch at this cool barbecue restaurant that had tee-pees in back you could eat in. Not only was it fun but, the food was really good as well.

How was your weekend? Do tell!

♥ anne


  1. this is soooo cool! I love it! I just love how pumpkins come with halloween in america - obviously that's why people have jack-o-lanterns but still!

  2. My parents and I went out to admire the fall colours in a nearby provincial park, and we got to see some deer this evening. :) Actually... I'm in the process of writing a post with photos! We drove by a pumpkin patch earlier tonight, I'm jealous you got to do such a fun activity!

  3. That one looks so awesome! I haven't been to a "real" pumpkin patch for a LONG time. We always take the girls to a pumpkin patch but it's not the kind where they're growing on the vine! That first picture is amazing!

  4. I always loooove going pumpkin picking and photographing my kids there. We're going this weekend! these photos are very lovely!!

  5. osh-by-gosh
    your blog is utterly splendid!
    I just thought you need informing!
    im getting ready for an exhibition at the moment,
    and it has a samhain theme, so i've been drawing pumpkin patches like
    your pretty pictures!
    thanks for this post now i can use it for reference!
    keehee x x

  6. Oh how I love all the photos! this looks like a fun activity indeed! the pumpkin field photo looks like from a travel guide o so. And how you that you could eat in tee-pees?! :)

    My weekend wasn't exciting (helped my Mum with the house moving and went to the fleamarket), I wish I could have gone to the pumpkin patch instead ;)




  8. Looks like it was a gorgeous day at the pumpkin patch, and your photos are lovely! Think we might do our annual pumpkin patch/apple picking/apple cider donut gorging crawl this weekend.
    Last weekend I was not at the shop for once. So Saturday the kids and I did a little thrifting and then met my mom to see "secretariat". Sunday was all about the flea market, photos for etsy listings (which are still not listed, haha), and a lot of eating.
    Take care.

  9. Aw, fun. We did the pumpkin patch thing the year before last but missed out last year. I need to find out if there's a good one going on this year.

    Actually, we've got our own mini volunteer pumpkin patch growing out of our old compost heap from last year which is pretty cool!

  10. these pictures are awesome and so cute!
    And your blog is also very cool.
    Love your style.

  11. love the photos, they capture fall & halloween perfectly!

  12. are these your kids? wake me up this is a dream. just wonderful. you very lucky. :)

    <3 Kristin


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