Thrift Candy Meetup!

I had the privilege of meeting the beautiful Missa, of Thrift Candy, over the weekend! Her blog was one of the first one's I started reading that made me really want to have my own. So getting to spend an afternoon with her was quite a treat! I knew she lived up north, so when I was planning our weekend in San Francisco, I asked her if she'd like to meet with me... and obviously she said yes :D
Since I don't know the city very well, she planned a fun day for us-
We started off with a stroll down the colorful Clarion Alley. The wall murals were super cool!!!
Here's a photo Missa put together of the two of us. She is as lovely in person as you would imagine. I really think her blog captures her relaxed, gentle personality.

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Shane and Clover got to pose for pictures too :D Aren't they adorable?!
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Here's my new dress from my previous post. It was ideal for the unusually warm day.

Missa looked perfect! I loved her whole outfit :D Make sure you check out her post!

Next we got a bite to eat. And guess what I discovered when I went to pay??? Oh yes, I forgot my wallet! I really can't put into words how embarrassed I was, especially considering I had offered to buy Missa a beer. Thankfully, she was very sweet about it. Missa, some money is on it's way to you :D

We checked out a few thrift stores and went to both Paxton's Gate shops. If you are ever in San Francisco, you have to go to them! What incredible stores!
Unfortunately, it was at this point that Mr. Shane could take no more. He missed his morning nap and believe me, that's not a good thing.

It is pretty surreal meeting a fellow blogger. You know so much about the person, but then again you don't REALLY KNOW them. You can't just show your good side. It's the whole YOU, ya know what I mean? (I'm talkin' about myself here folks, Missa was gorgeous, calm and serene, just how I thought she'd be) For example forgetting your wallet and crying, tired babes. But that's ok, it's life :D
I'm happy we did hit it off. I would love to get to know her better and hang out again.
Thank you Missa for planning the day! You were a pleasure to be with :D
If, for some odd reason, you have not been to her blog, do yourself a favor and head on over to Thrift Candy, you'll be happy you did!


  1. these photos are wonderful, so cute! Looks like you had a great time :)

  2. Oh man, I didn't realize you didn't have your wallet. I thought you just didn't have cash and the restaurant didn't take cards, bummer, so you didn't have money for anywhere we went, aw, I would have offered to lend you some! Also, PLEASE don't worry about sending me any money for lunch, really it's SO no big deal and you've already sent me so many nice things from your giveaways :)

    Your super sweet description of me here is payback enough my friend ;)

    p.s. I hope you had a fun night out at the show and it all went well with Shane and your mom, maybe it was good that we tired him out big time?

  3. Aww these photos are lovely. You look like long lost friends and your outfits perfectly complement eachother's!

  4. Found your blog through chictopia my dear! So delighted I have, you have such a wonderful style x

  5. Just discovered you via Thrift Candy. Great pics, and what a bunch of fun it seems you had!

  6. Oh, you both look so great and your kids are the sweetest! :) So glad you had such a wonderful time :)

  7. What a great post!! I love both of your dresses. Super style! xo

  8. You both look so lovely together! That dress looks completely ethereal on you. The babes are adorable.

    And I have always loved the name Clover!


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