some ♥

Here are some things I'm ♥ing right now-
♥my new vintage shawl♥
♥homemade cards- here's the one I made for my friend Nicky of her Honda Passport, Daisy.♥
♥this super cool antique store window♥
♥my Smokey The Bear t-shirt, perfect for camping♥
♥scavenger hunts in the woods♥
♥camping with friends♥
What are you ♥ing right now?

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♥ anne


  1. oooh, i haven't been camping yet and i can't wait! everything is starting to get warm and REAL summery, so i am super ready. i love your smokey tee shirt and the photo of the woodsy finds. and your shawl is gorgeous and did you really draw that picture of Daisy? cause that is sort of blowing my mind. i LOVE IT.

    what am i loving right now? (i don't know how to make that little heart shape...) i'm loving feathers, long dresses, grapefruit, jukeboxes, badminton, and my little swimming pool. oh and most of all SUNSHINE!

  2. Oh, I love how you belted your shawl! And the Smokey the Bear tee is so cute!

    I'm loving my belly, my husband and baked goods - particularly chocolate!

  3. Hi Anne! Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving such a sweet comment. That little dress really is a cutie... I hope it fits you! If it were my size I would be wearing it right now. hehe ;)

    I love the Smokey t-shirt, btw. So cute!


  4. Lovin' what you're lovin'. Especially camping (dang that was fun) and my Daisy card... I'm going to frame it :) And the yellow dress that accompanied my card- thank you!!!

  5. love the collage! i am loving being home and not on a plane right now!

  6. awww homemade cards are always the best :)

  7. I love your photos. You look amazing in every single one.

  8. i love your shawl, ive been looking for one like that for what seems like ever! <3

  9. I recently found a set of four Smokey The Bear forestry posters featuring different forms of wildlife which I'm loving. I'll have to take pics and post them. I heart your t-shirt too!

  10. your shawl is gorgeous my dear! and i loooove scavenger hunts in the woods!! <3

  11. I love how you styled your shawl. Very cute.

    The card you made is awesome.

  12. I'm loving the card you made! It's so much more personal and meaningful to give hand made cards!


  13. love so much the picture with the motorbike!!


  14. weeee that smokey the bear tshirt is adorable! and yes, perfect for camping out in the woods.

    my flight to LA was supposed to be this morning but they overbooked it so Im stuck in NY until 5pm. im in LA for only one day :-( what are you and Nicky doing tomorrow (friday)

  15. I realize this post was ages ago, but I have been meaning to ask where that "super cool antique store window" is located. I love it and it's haunting me!


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