the winner!

Well, I think my "Who's That Lady?" contest may have been a bit too difficult...next time I'll try to make it easier on you folks :D That being said, I did have a winner! She was the only one to guess and she got them all right. Drumroll please....the winner is MISSA! She is one smart cookie and can now choose an item from my shop!
You want to know who those lovely ladies were??? Here they are in order-

1) Jane Birkin
2) Michelle Phillips
3) Marianne Faithfull
4)Jean Shrimpton
5) Pamela Des Barres
6) Anna Karina
7) Nico born Christa Paffgen
8) Shelly Duvall
9) Goldie Hawn
10) Linda Ronstadt

Happy Monday everyone!
♥ anne


  1. oh my gosh i was so excited to see that you had posted the answers. the only one that ended up having me stumped was #4....so jean shrimpton huh?! i guess it makes sense she stumped me, i don't really know anything about her but now i gotta go look her up cause she is GORGEOUS! they all were, it was such a fun contest and my hubby even got in on it. i am so glad MISSA WON! how perfect is that?

    and congrats on these darling new items for the shop...these are some serious treasures.

  2. I love that first one so much, beautiful!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. I love the purple dress.

  4. congrats to missa! even though i didn't take any guesses, i really liked this type of giveaway, it's much more fun that just naming something from the shop that looks cute :) next time i'll try harder! hehehe! oh and that tunic is AMAZING! gah!
    mamushka marie

  5. What a great idea for a giveaway contest! So unique!

  6. Yay! I just ordered the dress and can't wait to see it, it's so lovely! Let me know where you guys will be staying in SF and we can think about a good meet up location :)

  7. Ooh, the sweater tunic is fantastic. Congrats Missa!!! I was stumped all the way through!

    Wanna camp this weekend?

  8. Aww, that was a wonderful idea for a contest!! :) Too bad I missed out, though I wouldn't have been able to name all of them.

    That sweater tunic is adorable!


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