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vintage leather jacket, dress, picnic basket-thrifted/ sandals-cydwok

Here is what I wore to the James Taylor/Carol King concert at the Hollywood Bowl. They both sounded so amazing and much fun was had by all. The Hollywood Bowl is my favorite venue for concerts. Your outside under the stars, the sound is great and you can picnic beforehand and usually bring in your own alcohol. Sounds pretty good, huh? Nicky posted more fun photos over at The Stitchy Life, so feel free to go check 'em on out!

...and moving on to an etsy update...

When Little Monarch invited me to join the International Craft Exchange, I was so excited! All you have to do is send one person 1 craft of any kind and you get 6 in return! Well, I still need 4 crafty folks to sign on. You interested? Leave me a comment in this post and I'll contact you with the necessary information :D

Here is what I received the other day from the oh so lovely Twila, of Twila's Vintage!
Aren't all those hair goodies just too cute?! I can't wait to wear them! Much thanks Twila!

Here is what I sent off for the exchange, a little "Lost Lovely". Her name is Carrie Ann and hope her new owner adores her.
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When I received Twila's package, it was made out of an Anthropologie catalog. Two pages were sewn together and used as the envelope... super duper cool!!! I had to try it out. I used a grocery bag instead, what a creative way to reuse paper bags and catalogs! Give it a try, it looks so unique and crafty, you'll love it! :D

Remember to leave me a comment if you want to join in on the craft exchange fun!

♥ anne


  1. I'm so jealous! I'd love to see James Taylor and Carol King :) You look so pretty!

  2. ummmm, YOU GUYS MET DAVID LIEBE HART??!!!! i mean, the concert looks fabulous too but i am so stoked on him...such a wonderful character. i've loved him for years since seeing him on tim and eric; his puppets and his singing voice are so unbelievably endearing and amazing. i love all the pics from your night and with DLH it has now officially become my dream night. i can't wait to show my friend emily.

    also, lovely new etsy stuff...going to check it out.

  3. oh i almost forgot to say: i'm totally bewildered with love for your dress!

  4. this is so inspiring! and you look gorgeous in this maxi dress, just like a modern hippie :)

  5. The dress is perfect for that concert! Love the maxi length, and what a great pattern! Also thanks for the tip about packaging- I can't wait to give it a try!

  6. that package is the cutest thing ever. also, you look great in that maxi dress! your long hair goes with it perfectly :)

  7. Oh goodness. I love love love love that dress!

  8. girl, you look like a tall glass of water! You are a babe!
    Thanks for following me!

  9. This is amazing! I love how early 70s it feels...kind of reminds me of my mom in her fashion heyday (and that is definitely a compliment)...great post!

  10. my plans for next weekend: PICNIC! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  11. Don't you look groovy & boho chic, pretty lady! Glad I found your blog!


    A New Follower

  12. gorgeous dress!! so lovely and very bohemian!! :D

    those feather thingies are adorable! :D

  13. First of all, I LOVE your dress and you look beautiful in it. Sounds like you girls had an amazing night, there's definitely something magic about a great concert at an outdoor venue under the stars, how exciting!

    Your little "Lost Lovely" is so sweet and I love that envelope making idea :)

  14. wheeeeee...i love the packaging!


  15. fab dress, I so need a maxi dress!

  16. Yay!! Im glad you liked them!! Love that you are using the packaging idea! Doesnt it make sending things so much more fun!?


  17. that's one stunning dress. I am crazy about Maxi's at the moment.


  18. James Taylor! I heart him. His music is lovely. And so is your dress! :)

  19. Hi Anne,

    Just wanted to thank you for sending me the beautiful Carrie Ann! Yes, she arrived safe and sound in Australia, and has been behaving like the sweet lady that she is ^_^ I love her so much! Thank you once again.

    xx Anna

    P.S. you have a lovely blog!


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