love is in the air

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Alrighty, here are some lovey dovey songs. Not all of them are love songs lyrically, but maybe more so in melody. Regardless, they are touching to me :D Also, this playlist has some of my faves , but since I didn't want to repeat songs, I didn't add them to my newest one. Am i making any sense? Go take a listen to it if you'd like.
Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day!
♥ anne
p.s. i almost forgot! please tell me your favorite love songs :D


  1. i love that ramones song!!!!!!!!! happy valentines/chinese new year!!!!

  2. The Smiths and Leonard Cohen... both could make me cry :)))
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours as well dear Anne!


  3. Love your pink Valentine-y playlist!

    Looking over my favorite songs, I realized that barely any of them are love songs! For a girl who writes almost only love songs, that's hilarious! I do love Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Into Temptation, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, One More Try, The Very Thought of You... okay, I guess I have a couple of those too! Hehe!


  4. Great playlist gorgeous. Happy Valentines Day. x

  5. Thanks Anne! I love More Than This, especially Bill Murray's version on the Lost in Translation soundtrack. Have you ever heard Bat For Lashes version of I'm on Fire? I love the original, but her version takes on a whole different tone of its own.

  6. Great playlist! I love that photo, so lovely and cheery!

  7. my favourite love song is strange powers by the magnetic fields. it makes me go all tingly and sends shivers down my spine.

    i am definitely going to come to southern California on my travels! and im going to make sure its on te 3rd sunday of the month so i dont miss out on that amazing rose bowl swap!!

  8. Love the clouds! hope you had an amazing V-Day and a great weekend!


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