it's hip to be square

blouse-thrifted/ jeans-dogpile/ sandals-thrifted/ purse-thrifted

Here is another everyday kinda outfit (for me). It was all about comfort. Baggy shirt+ skinny jeans+flat sandals= comfort.
I will be putting the purse and sandals up for sale in my shop in my next update. Both are in great condition and I will be sad to part with them, but I'm in the midst of going through my whole house and purging things that don't get used on a regular basis. This will include many things from my closet. I will probably regret this in a few months, but never the less, it must be done.

I wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to you, my lovely readers, for all the nice comments on my last post. Your encouraging words always brighten my day! So here is a song to brighten yours.

Ok, I was gonna end my post, but I have to say a few words about Huey Lewis And The News. I heard that song in the car yesterday and was dying! Actually, I've heard a ton of Huey Lewis songs lately and surprisingly, I've thoroughly enjoyed each one (I'm laughing right now at the fact that I just admitted that). He was at the Orange County Fair last summer on the day we went. If I hadn't had the kids with me, I would have totally gone! I bet it was awesome. They had so many hits I had forgotten about that rule! And Huey really is the epitome of the 80s man. The blazers, hairy chest, fluffy hair... you get the idea. Anyway, there is no way that video could not bring a smile to your face. hehehe that was fun :D

♥ anne


  1. Oh, I love those sandals. I hope they are a size 7 or 7.5 :)

  2. I adore those shoes! Actually, I adore the entire outfit! :o)

  3. I love this outfit, love it! The sandals are so perfect, how can you part with them?!

    I absolutely love when old songs (especially one's from the 80's that you kinda forgot about and would be embarrassed to admit that you actually have secret love for) come on the radio while driving. I love singing along in the car, it can seriously brighten a day!

  4. Woah where do you live that you're already busting out the sandals- which are so cute btw. I wouldnt be able to give them away :P

    And your daughter looks too adorable in that post below, her smile is infectious haha

  5. Just darling!

    I, too, love the sandals..
    I will have to check our your etsy shop!

    If you'd like, you can check out ours as well! : )

  6. Love your outfit so much! I absolutely adore your style, Anne. Boho California-chic is the look that makes me happiest (even though it doesn't really fit with my music so I tend not to do photo shoots of those!) and you are so amazing at pulling it off. The print on your top is so magical.


  7. you look great.


  8. Cool and comfy looking! I can't believe I wasn't following your blog yet??? I just discovered it, well count me in... I'm number 41! Lovin it!

  9. LOVE the skinny jeans!!!
    and yea, the song brightens my day ;)))


  10. you are so beautiful and i'm really digging this outfit. actually i'm really digging your whole blog! i'm glad to have found you <3

  11. I love this look! I adore the blouse, the jeans, and your sandals are cute! I love Huey Lewis too, I think I saw him in a production of Chicago; I especially like "It's Alright" and "The Power of Love".

  12. I just came across your blog this afternoon...Love your style! So perfectly laid back and chic!


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