Shop Update

Here are the new items in my shop. Let me know what you think of them :) I also wanted to let you know that my sale will end on January 31st, so if there is anything you had your eye on, make sure to get it before the 31st.

1. 60's shift dress 2. 80's jean skirt 3. 80's striped dress SOLD4. 80's black dress 5. 80's floral skirt 6. floral dress 7. floral skirt 8. oversized sweater 9. black dress 10. 1950's skirt 11. vintage plaid skirt 12. peach dress 13. khaki romper 14. stripe dress 15. vintage green heels

I don't know how this post looks. On internet explorer it's messed up, but on mozilla everything is lined up nicely. Aargg! Sometimes the computer is so annoying! Oh well.

Happy Monday!
♥ anne


  1. i like the structured blAck dress with the gold pin on chest..

  2. You have some great things in your shop! Oh and the formatting looks fine on my screen. I know though, sometimes that happens to me and it just drives me up the wall:)

  3. I love the khaki romper! I don't know how to even wear a romper but I love it.


  4. you've added such great pieces to your shop! i really love those shoes especially :)

  5. great finds!!


  6. You've got some really pretty things in the shop - my fav is that stunning peach dress! Also I love the dress form!

    (On my google reader the images were lined up in a grid 4 across and 4 down, but when I viewed your blog on Internet Explorer, it's changed it to 2 images across, and 8 down. I think it's because the table is too wide for the central post area of the blog ? (or maybe it's just a funny thing that Internet Explorer does). It might be easier to arrange all the images in a photoshop page and save it as one image and upload. I am no expert but I know this kind of thing is really frustrating. Hope this helps :)

  7. hey anne!
    i wonder where did you get these pretty stuffs?
    my fave is no.9 black dress it's sooo Audrey Hepburn :))

  8. Gorgeous finds Anne. I really love that khaki romper!!

    Lulu Letty


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