Weekly Quote

"One man's style must not be the rule of another's."

Jane Austen

I think this is so true. I'm not a fan of "rules" when it comes to style. Even if I don't care for what someone else is wearing, they like it, and isn't that more important? What do you think?

btw- I love the above photos! They certainly aren't trying to follow any rules. So rad!

Also, today is the last day to enter my giveaway. So get your comments in!

Have a wonderful Monday y'all.

♥ anne


  1. I love people who march to beat of their own drum!! I only wish I could take more risks!


  2. ....and stripey leggings are HOT! I would really like to step out a little more this year with my "leg wear!!!"

  3. Yeah, I think you're right about rules. When people know their bodies and what suits that and their personalities, they can really pull just about anything off.

  4. So cute! I totally agree. That's why I never like those "worst-dressed" lists because you know the girls on that list are often on another "best-dressed" list! I feel inspired by this post - maybe I'll go a little crazier this week!


  5. you are so right, and i love your blog. lovely. x

  6. I totally agree, to each their own and there's room for all of it! I think I could make some room for those awesome stripey leggings in my closet too, no problem ;)

  7. I'm against rules in style too. These looks are great and expressing one's self is what fashion SHOULD be all about.

  8. aw man my deadbeat blogger self missed the giveaway! darnit! well congratulations to the winner!


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