Simon and Garfunkel

I'm very serious about Simon and Garfunkel. I'm trying to look like them, very thoughtful and poetic. hehehe what a dork :)

I don't think I need to tell you how wonderful they are, because I'm sure you already know. I hope you enjoy listening to a few of their most lovely songs.

I've been singing this song for weeks now. So, I drew this little picture in memory of Kodachrome film.

Here is what I wore today

pants- thrifted
turtleneck- Target
shoes- Target

Isn't it exciting when you find an article of clothing you forgot you had! Well that's what happened to me today. I found these slacks, that I've had since high school, in the back of my closet. They are vintage and in perfect condition. I love the length and color of them and their cute little pockets. I've almost gotten rid of them a few times (they didn't fit for many years), I'm sooo glad I didn't!

*I tried to get a good shot of them, they're a little greener than they look in the photo.


  1. Love S&G!!! Your lost/found pants are so lovely!! I adore the length and color and your ballet flats are perfect.


  2. Oh gosh, I love it when that happens. Perfect pants! I wish I could find just the right pair...and it would be fabulous if they were somewhere in my wardrobe already:)

  3. Love the drawing crafty lady! Cheers to clothes that fit once again :) And bestill my heart- Simon and Garfunkel...ahhhhh

  4. Oh you look so classy and chic in this outfit! Simply elegant:)

  5. Love the 60's look and that splash of leopard with the ballet flats is just perfect :)

    Ya gotta love the S&G too!


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